Make every Δelta count

Financial consolidation,
planning and analysis
vertically integrated, finally!

PlanDelta seamlessly integrates with your financial data, delivering fast, accurate financial insights in minutes, not days.

PlanDelta platform visualisation
PlanDelta Consolidation Module

Financial & Payroll Consolidation like you mean it

Say goodbye to fragmented data. PlanDelta easily consolidates financial and payroll information from all your entities and systems of record, allowing you to gain a unified view of your entire financial landscape in no time.

Save days in data normalisation every month

Reclaim time from routine reporting and redirect it towards analysis, empowering you to focus on shaping the future.

Enrich it with payroll data

Automate data normalisation and reclaim your time. Unify financial and payroll data for strategic decision-making.

Audit-compatible consolidation

Transform your accounting data and automate eliminations, adjustments, and FX conversions.

Invest your freed-up time in driving business forward

Create and share insightful reports to align all stakeholders.

Uplift your Financial planning

Collaborate with all departments through controlled Google Sheets that easily roll up into a global plan. Analyse Budget vs. Actual and reforecast in seconds at any time. Be on top of market dynamics with unlimited scenarios.

Streamline your spreadsheets

Ditch clunky formulas and fragmented data. Elevate your planning to a unified platform built for financial agility.

Plan and model your P&L, CF and BS  

Leverage predictions and scenario modelling to immediately see the impact on your financial statements.

Synchronised assumptions and drivers

Be on the same page with unified planning variables across all teams.

Collaboration - Supercharged

Break down siloed processes, foster seamless teamwork and instil a sense of ownership.

A visualisation of PlanDelta's FP&A module, showcasing some of the elements of it.