Financial Planning & Analysis

Unleash Agile,
Data-Driven Planning

PlanDelta FP&A is more than just a tool;
it's your partner in achieving dynamic,
data-driven financial planning.

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Visualisation of PlanDelta's FP&A module
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PlanDelta FP&A Module

Scenario based planning

Build as many versions of the future of your P&L, Balance Sheet
Cash Flow

Access control and collaboration

Invite stakeholders at no extra cost, control who can view, manage or edit data

Delta reports and rolling forecasts

See how you plans compare to actuals or other scenarios. Check how your budget changes after every actual unfolds

Centralised drivers and
what if analysis

Align all budget owners and check how you KPIs change once an assumption is changed

Google Sheet

Forget about learning new syntax. Use what you know and love for unlimited biz logic expressions

Bring any data source
in play

Link any type of relevant data through our Google Sheet bespoke integration, for an advanced financial planning

Visualisation of PlanDelta's FP&A module

Unleash Collaboration

Break down silos and foster teamwork with unlimited user access. Forget clunky spreadsheets and communication gaps. PlanDelta ensures everyone can plan together, edit collaboratively, and share insights seamlessly. Rolling up templates becomes effortless, eliminating broken formulas and wasted time. Experience true financial planning synergy to unlock your true strategic potential.

Unlimited users

Plan simultaneously, ensuring everyone's on the same page.

Forget about new syntaxes or broken formulas

PlanDelta automatically rolls up your templates - say goodbye to broken formulas!

Collaborative editing

Fosters communication and transparency across teams.

Embrace Agility

Ditch rigid planning and say hello to dynamic scenarios. Clone and adjust plans in seconds with our intuitive interface. Explore "what-if" possibilities effortlessly, testing multiple assumptions and staying ahead of the curve. PlanDelta empowers you to adapt to changing market conditions and make data-driven decisions with speed and confidence.

Plan like a pro

Clone and adjust plans in seconds with our intuitive scenario planning tool.

Work on multiple scenarios

Explore multiple "what-if" scenarios to make informed decisions quickly.

Move from static to agile planing

Stay ahead of the curve with flexible planning that adapts to your dynamic business.

Visualisation of PlanDelta's FP&A module
Visualisation of PlanDelta's FP&A module

Empower with Flexibility

No need to learn new tools! Leverage the familiar power of embedded Google Sheets directly within PlanDelta. Utilize any data point as a planning variable with centralized Google Sheet input drivers. This unmatched flexibility allows you to tailor your planning process to your unique needs, without sacrificing ease of use. Unlock boundless creativity and logic without compromising efficiency with PlanDelta.

No learning curve

Use familiar Google Sheets directly within PlanDelta for unmatched logic flexibility.

Centralized Google Sheet input drivers

Allow you to leverage any data point as a planning variable.

Seamless integration

Connecting your existing systems ensures data accuracy and efficiency.


Does PlanDelta require learning new tools?

No, PlanDelta integrates seamlessly with Google Sheets, allowing you to leverage familiar tools and logic within its platform. This eliminates the need for a steep learning curve and ensures a smooth transition for existing Google Sheet users.

How does PlanDelta support scenario planning?

PlanDelta features an intuitive interface for cloning and adjusting plans in seconds. This allows you to explore various "what-if" scenarios with ease, testing different assumptions and adapting to changing market conditions.

What is the benefit of moving from static to agile planning?

Static planning lacks adaptability in a dynamic business environment. PlanDelta's flexibility allows you to continuously adjust plans based on real-time data and changing circumstances, enabling data-driven decisions with greater speed and confidence.

Does PlanDelta support delegation and approval workflows?

Yes, PlanDelta allows you to set up delegation and approval workflows for specific tasks within the planning process. This streamlines collaboration and ensures accountability.

Is PlanDelta suitable for businesses of all sizes?

PlanDelta caters to businesses of all sizes, offering scalable solutions to meet your specific needs and planning complexity.

Does PlanDelta address challenges with rolling up templates?

Yes, PlanDelta automatically rolls up your templates, eliminating the risk of broken formulas and wasted time associated with manual consolidation.

How does PlanDelta empower users with flexibility?

PlanDelta centralizes Google Sheet input drivers, allowing you to utilize any data point as a planning variable. This unmatched flexibility caters to your unique needs and allows you to tailor your planning process without compromising ease of use.

How does PlanDelta improve collaboration in FP&A?

PlanDelta provides unlimited user access, fostering teamwork through simultaneous planning, collaborative editing, and seamless sharing of insights. This eliminates communication gaps and ensures everyone stays on the same page.

How does PlanDelta maintain data consistency between budget and actuals?

PlanDelta offers a powerful reporting experience where budget vs. actuals structures are always synchronized. This eliminates discrepancies and ensures you work with the latest and most accurate data.