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Does PlanDelta offer a free trial?

Yes! PlanDelta offers a free trial so you can experience the platform's capabilities firsthand before committing. Explore our features, test the functionalities with your own data, and see if we meet your needs.

What payment methods does PlanDelta accept?

We accept payments via Visa, MasterCard and AMEX, as well as wire transfers.

I have more than 2 entities to consolidate, how much does PlanDelta cost?

PlanDelta offers tiered pricing plans to cater to different company sizes and needs. As listed above for each additional entity there is a flat fee. We do not charge you for inactive entities.

How much the implementation cost and what is included?

Our implementation fee is fully based on your needs, depending on the level of complexity or number of entities, our team will come back to your with the best offer that fit your needs. As part of the implementation process, we will facilitate your data transition and setup, organise training on the platform, provide feedback on best practices, as well as prepare the a set of custom BI report tailored to your needs.